About Us

When I started Grace & Company, I wanted to make beauty products that were as  equally functional as they were fashionable. As a wife and mom of three young boys, time is a luxury so having tools in my daily beauty and hair care routine that help me quickly and efficiently look my best is key. I love designing and elevating products to be both highly functional and beautiful at the same time. Grace to you!

I'm Kimanee, my design sensibility was inspired by my childhood in the countryside of Jamaica. This launched me into a career as a model from my first job shooting teen Vogue to runways and commercial work with top designers from Oscar de la Renta to Valentino. Design does not have to come at the cost of functionality! I have a passion for creating luxury products that are as equally functional as they are fashionable and beautiful. As women we wear many hats and as a woman of faith my desire is for you to look and feel beautiful.