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Reusable Shower Cap - Lucie

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Reusable Shower Cap

Meet Lucie, the exclusive new reusable shower cap from Grace & Company. Patterned in a chic black and gold leopard print over a blush pink background, this cap is a must-have for your fashion wardrobe. You'll be delighted by its soft feel and easy wearability both in and out of the shower.

Effective Protection for Your Hair

Lucie is freedom from wet hair and stressful showers. This shower cap is 100% waterproof, making it easy to keep your hair dry. You're guaranteed to keep the humidity out with the breathable design of the material, preserving your blowouts and curls and protecting them from frizz. The concealed, leak-proof flexiband will keep your hair in place and the shower cap will remain secured around your head. Never worry about getting your hair wet by a slipping cap again. Lucie will remain snug around your head and protect your hair from becoming wet and humid, even in the hottest of showers, a promise we guarantee. 

Lucie Only Uses High-Quality Materials

Lucie's materials are a cut above the rest as we only use premium performance fabric. That makes this shower cap durable and long-lasting with its machine washability. Lucie is a reliable shower cap built to last with its reusable fabric, giving you an advantage over one-time-use caps.

We know disposable caps can be ill-fitting, wasteful, and harmful to the environment. You can make a difference by trying out Lucie, an investment in a healthy future by being the best reusable shower cap on the market.

Always a Comfortable Fit

You will always have a comfortable fit with Lucie's flexiband, which can fit up to 24" head circumference. The additional bow is highly effective for conforming to your head and fitting perfectly. This allows for Lucie’s easy wear in and out of the shower. Rest assured that even if your hair is long and curly, or cut short,

The expandable space within the cap will accommodate most hair lengths. Never worry about slippage, loose-fitting caps and leaks again. Lucie was made for your unique hair type, and we’re ecstatic to offer you the chance to try it yourself.

Lucie's Chic Design Makes for the Perfect Gift

You'll be astonished at how cute and stylish Lucie is. This shower cap comes in a beautiful package, making it a great gift idea for your friends. It's the perfect gift for any occasion. And with its stylish appeal, it's easy and cute to wear in and out of the shower.

The Lucie Reusable Shower Cap Comes with 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our shower cap is a premium, high-quality product that we are proud to offer. Lucie is designed by women, for women. We are committed to providing honest, solid customer satisfaction, and we believe in delivering high-quality products, and high-quality customer service. If you are ever dissatisfied with the Lucie reusable shower cap, send us a message and we will ensure you are completely satisfied.