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Arabella Vegan Satin Eye Mask

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    PURE GRADE ‘A’ VEGAN SATIN: Our beautifully designed silky smooth satin sleep mask is crafted from premium grade satin. It is ultra smooth, washable and vegan friendly. It features a beautiful pattern on one side and a complimentary solid color on the other side for maximum design options. Indulge in our premium satin eye mask and rest like you never have before!

    NIGHTTIME NECESSITY FOR BETTER SLEEP: Must have nighttime and naptime essential, our sleep masks for women blocks out light so your beauty sleep isn’t interrupted and your sleep quality is improved. By blocking the light, our eye mask promotes the production of melatonin (the body’s natural sleep hormone) to support deep, restorative sleep. It also features an elasticated strap designed for extra comfort. Pair it with our matching silky smooth pillowcase and scrunchies for an unbeatable nighttime hair and skin care system.

    WAKE UP TO MORE HYDRATED SKIN: Our luxe satin eye masks for sleeping promotes supple and youthful looking skin as satin allows your skin to retain its moisture unlike other materials such as cotton which draws moisture away from your skin and hair. Both breathable and hydrating, our satin mask will allow your skin to retain its moisture overnight, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

    ANTI-AGING BENEFITS: Satin has low absorbency so it won’t absorb your eye cream or moisturizer, Instead it’s luxuriously silky satin fabrication is designed to care for your skin while you sleep. Our vegan satin sleep mask also helps to protect your skin from friction as its silky smooth material allows your skin to glide smoothly and will in turn help to protect against fine lines and wrinkles.

    DESIGNED BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN: We design products we enjoy using and we hope you will too. We love to create products that are both fashionable and functional. These handmade sleep masks are a perfect compliment to your daily beauty and self care routine - you deserve it!


    Our vegan satin eye mask is machine washable - Just toss in the washing machine. Choose a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Next, place in dryer on delicate cycle or lay flat to dry.