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Serafina Pure Satin Scrunchies

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    PREVENTS BREAKAGE & HAIR LOSS: The friction created by using normal hair ties can weaken your hair strands over time, making your hair more brittle and prone to breaking and splitting. The silky smooth texture of our satin scrunchies for curly hair eliminates friction and tension, securing your hair without pulling, snagging or breaking your hair. Upgrade for healthier hair today!

    NO CREASES - GENTLE ON HAIR: Say goodbye to kinks and creases caused by the friction and tension of normal hair ties! Our ponytail scrunchies are made from silky soft and smooth satin that is friction-free, super gentle and kind to your hair. No more headaches from too tight elastic bands, these versatile ponytail scrunchies will secure your hair in style for any occasion. Super gentle on hair, they won't snag, pull or break your hair – ever.

    OVERNIGHT HACK FOR SHINIER STRANDS: An overnight hack for perfectly coiled hair; place your hair in a high ponytail or bun using these hair scrunchies for sleeping and wake up to shiny, hydrated, frizz-free locks. Pair with our matching silky smooth satin pillowcase for an unbeatable friction free hair care combo!

    CHIC EVERYDAY ESSENTIAL FOR HAIR CARE: Each set includes 2 satin hair scrunchies; one solid and one pattern scrunchie for endless styling options. Keep your hair protected while you snooze, away from your face when you wash your face or when you do your skincare routine. These large satin scrunchies for women are machine washable, easy to maintain and are perfect for every hair type and length. No frizz, no creasing, no tugging, no damage - just pure silky smoothness.

    DESIGNED FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN: We design products we enjoy using and we hope you will too. We love to create products that are both functional and fashionable. Incorporate our Everyday Essentials to elevate your daily and nightly hair and self care routine today!


    Our pure Satin Scrunchies are machine washable - Just toss in the washing machine. Choose a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Next, place in dryer on delicate cycle or lay flat to dry.